Collective Excellence for Family Farms and Ranches

Project Office Leadership

Your family's land tenure and generational wealth creation are our priorities. 

We all hunt, thrive, and grow best in packs.  That is our ethos.  Our network is your network.

CleanCo Energie, Inc, collaborates with Menco Finco L.C. to provide risk-managed project leadership, program excellence, and portfolio oversight in the regenerative agriculture and renewable energy industries.  Both companies share common ownership, human-centric design philosophies, community wealth building strategies, and ecological stewardship approaches. 

Our collective excellence includes value-added activities on a defined contract or on-demand consulting basis:

  • Agrivoltaics power plant development and management
  • Portfolio risk oversight and asset management strategy
  • Program and project finance for community stakeholder and landed family interests
  • Operations and maintenance design, execution, and oversight
  • Greenfield resource asset development, electric utility interconnection requests, and stakeholder representation
  • Subcontractor oversight and strategy
  • Scope, Cost, and Schedule reviews, analysis, and management
We look forward to serving your project, program, and portfolio asset management needs.  With love and gratitude, Blake Mendez.